Ultralight carbon seatpost.
Tube with variable wall thickness - reinforcements at the seatclamp,
and cradle zone, formed under very high pressure and temperature.
Painted logo and beautiful paintwork, finishes the work.

Specifications :

Finish: 3K or UD / gloss or matt 
white, black or red logo (ask for other colours)
100% carbon
Bolts : Titan Grade 5
Barrels : Titan
Available diameters : 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, 34.9 mm
Max length : 400mm
Destination : MTB or road
Rider weight limit: 85 kg

Every seatpost is made for specific order, rider weight, and use destination.

Recommended torques :
- saddle clamping - 4Nm
- seatpost clamp
max 6Nm

Minimum depth of installation: 85mm

Estimated weights in grams at various diameters and lengths.  + - 5%.

le/di 27,2 30,9 31,6 34,9
250 90g 95g 100g 105g
300 95g 105g 110g 115g
350 105g 115g 120g 125g
400 115g 125g 130g 135g

The weights can vary depending of finish and rider weight.

warranty : 2 years for manufacturing defects

Price : 289 euro